Tuesday, March 24, 2009

侍(Samurai) Japan

It is a special day for us. Japanese baseball team won at World Baseball Classics (WBC) and became No.1 team again today. The opposition was South Korean team. Our team is defending champion. We call out team "侍 Japan". WBC was a big topic in these days.
Baseball is very popular sports in Japan. I think almost Japanese saw the final and cheered our team enthusiastically. The final game was excellent, exciting and historical. A lot of people were glued to TV in spite of weekday. South Korean team is always rival in every situation. Today's victory is special.

Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese baseball player and major leaguer, is our hero as I have mentioned in my past post. He was a super hero in these tournaments.

This victory makes us happy and reflected courage in our daily life. "侍 Japan" is our proud.  

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Walter said...


That makes it two WBC titles in a row , right ?
Also impressive that Japan beat the USA on their turf at their own game in the semi-final.

The final was exactly what the organizers wanted : to showcase baseball. Congrats to Korea too for making it a great final.