Saturday, November 15, 2008


Laughing is very good for our health.
Now a lot of comedians (Owarai Geinin) are popular in Japan. Some comedy shows are on air. And they appears in quiz shows or variety shows. Manzai is one of style of comedy.
Almost comedians play Manzai or stand up comedy.

Rakugo is Japanese traditional entertainment like Kabuki. And it is not more popular than Manzai, however it is so classic but stylish. A person who play Rakugo,"Rakugo-ka". speaks wearing Kimono and sitting on Japanese cushion (Zabuton). He (majority of Rakugo-ka is male but a few female Rakugo-ka exist.) plays more than two people. And some props, folding fan (Sensu) and small cloth (Tenugui) are used in Rakugo. We can image different person by his speaking. We can see Rakugo at theater (Yose). Storytelling of Rakugo-ka is artistic.
Koten(Classical) Rakugo expresses life for people in Edo priod. I think that knowing old life is interesting enjoying the excellent storytelling. There are new stories of Rakugo.
I haven't seen Rakugo at theater. If I have a chance , I want to go to see it at theater.

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