Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beaujolais Nouveau

I went through a floor of food shops in a department store. (We especially call this floor in department store "Depachika") There are a lot of people front of wine shop. Sale of Beaujolais Nouveau opened in November 20.

The word "Beaujolais Nouveau" have been heard in a decade and the day that Beaujolais Nouveau opens has been a big news recent years in Japan. And buying Beaujolais Nouveau is a trend. Anyway Japanese love new products and healthy foods.
Japanese media has been reported that wine was good for health. So drinking wine became very popular. We can buy wine of almost countries. France, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, Australia, Chile, South Africa, etc. Yamanashi prefecture is very famous source in Japan.

I love drinking wine. Especially mature red wine. I like Italian foods. When I go to Italian restaurant with my friends, I usually drink wine. Wine can be foiled the taste of food and makes us happy. Also we can enjoy our conversation. Wine becomes a part of life for Japanese people now.

Japanese alcohol, "sake" is very delicious. I want to introduce how sake is excellent some day.

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