Saturday, November 8, 2008


Japanese food is healthy and it is remarkable food. Konnyaku is so healthy because calories are very light and Konnyaku includes a lot of dietary fiber. Since the color is gray, you might be confused whether it is possible to eat.
Konnyaku is like tough jelly and no taste. We eat it as ingredient of Oden or boil it and eat with miso sauce (Miso Dengaku). Also we call noodle of konnyaku "Ito Konnyaku" or "Shirataki". It is put in Sukiyaki.
There is a kind of snack that is made of Konnyaku powder. It is "Konnayku Jelly". "Konnyaku Jelly" is fruits flavor. It is just like jelly for dessert. Children like it.

Konnyaku is a food that I want to eat in cold season. I like especially Konnyaku of Oden. Autumn season changes to winter now in Japan.

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