Thursday, November 6, 2008


Two news were big topics in few days. One is a news that famous Japanese music director, Tetsuya Komuro, was arrested as suspicious for fraud. He is a talented producer who composed a lot of super hit songs in 1990. There are a lot of beautiful his songs. And I liked some his songs. He earned great amount of money and became super rich. But nowadays he gets into big mount of debt. His glory at that time might be actually too unnatural when I think the period now. Everyone was surprised and disappointed from hearing this news.

Another is that new American president, Barack Obama, was elected yesterday. He is first African American president as you know. It got a historical day. The scene of his address in TV screen was like one scene in a Hollywood movie. His slogan for presidential election is “Change”

The period or our situation is always changing. It is inevitable that our situation changes more or less for everything and everyone.
There is a Japanese phrase,Eiko seisui, 栄枯盛衰. This means that the glory has not continued and it will fall into a decline someday. It’s like a tree or plant. And time goes by as the current of a river.

I think those news are symbolic of the word “change”.
Will our world change after new American president inaugurates? (although the change that he said was for American people)
I think that we have to accept the change, good and bad things.

This song is one of super hit songs of Tetsuya Komuro. I love it.

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