Friday, August 29, 2008

Okaeri , Tadaima - I'm home

There are two salutations for going home. They are very heartwarming words.
For example, when I enter into my home , I say "Tadaima" to my family who be my home. "Tadaima" means "I'm home" in English. And my family members say "Okaeri" or "Okaerinasai" to me after I say "Tadaima".
It is so simple word, however, I feel relief when I hear this word, "Okaeri". Also family members feel relief when I can get home safely.
I feel that these words "Okaeri" and "Tadaima" symbolize family ties.
I'm happy that I have my family who say "Okaeri" to me.

I want to introduce a Japanese song of the title "Okaeri" by Ayaka. Ayaka is popular J-pop singer among young people now. This video is Ayaka sings and Hiromi Uehara, very talented Jazz pianist, plays piano. I found special version "Okaeri". It is so excellent.


Peekaboo said...

I love your blog!

Can't get enough of these little tidbits of info about Japanese life and culture. It's all so fascinating :)


Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment!!
I'm glad that you are interested in our culture. I hope you have enjoyed my blog.

clownydhey said...

I like your blog! hehehhe..
Can I follow your blog?


mika said...

Thank u so much!I watched Zettai Kareshi and loved Ayaka's 'Okareri' so much!'Okaeri' is a heartwarming word to hear;)

mika said...

Dozou Arigatou!I watched 'Zettai Kareshi' and really loved Ayaka's 'Okaeri':) I think 'okaeri' or 'Tadaima' are heartwarming words to hear^^,honto wa ne!I love Japan so much:)what an interesting blog I like.thanks!

fabaceae said...

This entry was the first result returned by Google when I searched for "okairi" in order to learn its correct romaji. I wanted to text it to my sister who just returned from travel, but I had only heard it spoken in anime fansubs, not seen it written. Your entry is so sweet that I am very thankful that you wrote it and that Google showed it to me. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I am going to read your whole blog from the beginning.

I hope you have a nice day. In fact...happy autumnal equinox. Astronomical fall (in the northern hemisphere) and Oktoberfest both start today, so I hope you have good ones of those too.

Dawn Doneza said...

It is actually that song that got me here. :) Been watching Zettai Kareshi and the closing theme is so nice! Been hearing "okaeri" and "tadaima" so I have a gist of what it means; but I still went ahead and searched for the meanings to be sure which is which. Thanks for the clarification. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice and warm words indeed! Occasionally found your blog while googling for "tadaima". Greetings from Russia/Volgograd, we're interested in Japanese culture here, it's very exquisite and emotionally deep.