Sunday, May 11, 2008


Umeboshi is a preserved food. It is that a salted the fruits of Japanese apricot, Ume. We often eat Umeboshi. It is very healthy food and taste is super sour.
When we see Umeboshi and we just imagine the taste, our saliva exudes naturally in our mouth.The fruit is green and we call it Ao ume. After the flowers bloom, the fruits are gathered and we mainly make Umeboshi and Ume shu. After Ume is salted and stained by red labiates, Shiso, it is soaked in the sun and dried.
Ume shu is one of Japanese liquor. It is very sweet fruit liquor. There are two types for drink. One type is mixed with water and another one is Ume shu on the rock. I love Ume shu.
Umeboshi is traditional food. It was used as a fork medicine for a long time ago. It is included in disinfectant and antibacterial effect. When I have stomachache after eating something, I sometimes eat Umeboshi.
We often put Umeboshi in the middle of the white rice for the lunch box to not go bad soon. It is called “Hinomaru Bento”. Hinomaru is name of Japanese national flag. When we take the lid off, lunch box seems to be Japanese flag. The real reason to put Umeboshi in the rice is for antibacterial effect. Also we can use it in other food as special taste. The sourness of Umeboshi gets an accent of the taste. Japanese love Umeboshi and we will eat it forever.

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