Friday, May 16, 2008

Rescue Robots

Now two disasters occurred in Asia. They are cyclone in Myanmar and big earthquake in China. We feel as if these disasters are our own affair. Both situations are so terrible.
Japan suffers some disasters all the year. They are some typhoons before summer and frequent earthquakes. Many structures, houses, buildings, or subways in our cities are constructed in order to prevent these buildings from collapsing. We can’t have still disappeared the damages of disasters in spite of our advance provision for disasters.
After big earthquake of Hanshin and Awaji in 1995 (About six thousand four hundred people are died), we have researched activity for rescue and prepared various systems or supply. For example, rescue dogs, telephone services or the routes of relief.
Some rescue robots are developed in Japan recently. These robots have the newest technology and they are very useful for finding the people under the debris. I found the web site for the robots. The Japan Journal
Japanese government offered the support for China. Chinese government accepted it. I don't know these robots are used this time. However, I hope Japan helps the victims and contribute to the world.

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