Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yozakura in Kyoto

This type of Sakura is weeping cherry blossom (Shidare Zakura).

I went to Kyoto, one of an ancient and historical city (Koto) , last week. I like Kyoto and I have been to Kyoto several times until now. Many tourists, including foreigners, visit there. A lot of temples, shrines and tourists attractions are there. Also we can enjoy special foods of Kyoto, too. (Tofu, tsukemono like pickles, vegetables, Yatsuhashi, Uji green tea, etc.)
You will be surprised at the big and modern Kyoto station, when you go to Kyoto by train. I think it is mismatch for the historical place. However, I’m always excited when I arrive at the station.
Spring is the tourist season because of Sakura. About half of Sakura flowers bloomed in Kyoto. (Almost flowers bloomed in Tokyo now.) I took some photos for Kyoto and Sakura at Saturday night. Attached are the pictures of “Yozakura”. “Yozakura” means Sakura that we see at night. Famous places of Sakura are lit up. It is very fantastic scene. These photos were taken at Shirakawa and Shinbasi street near the Gion, is famous area as Maiko, Japanese Geisha. There is a little stream and so elegant place.

Please enjoy the pictures.

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