Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sakura  桜

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced a declaration of Sakura's blooming (Kaika Sengen) in Tokyo. It is announced every year.
We, Japanese have special feeling about Sakura. Almost Sakura flower are bloomed in every spring. New season begins in the period of blooming of Sakura. Children enroll in school and freshmen enter the company. We wait for spring for long cold winder and Sakura is a sign for spring. And we have a lot of festival or party (Hanami) under the full bloomed Sakura trees.
Moreover, we might feel that Sakura symbolizes one of Japanese spirit. Sakura flowers are very beautiful but the life is short-lived. (We call short-lived life "Hakanai Inochi". ) The flowers are falling in a flash and they are also beautiful like a shower.
There is a word "Isagiyoi" in Japanese. Falling Sakura flowers are "Isagiyoi " (without hesitating) It is as if Sakura receives own life without struggling. Human beings sometimes cling to something. It is obsession, own present situation, desire, pride, money, status, etc. We think that leaving or giving up readily (Isagiyoku) is better when we finish something. Sakura's whole life is just our taste. Sakura will express our beautiful and limited life for us.
Japanese love "Isagiyoi" Sakura.

These are some customs in Sakura season. I will explain them and show you the pictures of Sakura before long.

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