Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seaweed - Nori

We frequently eat some kinds of seaweed , Konbu (Kelp), Nori, Wakame,Mozuku or Mekabu.etc. It is said that seaweed is good for health in Japan. Especially it seems to be good for our hair.
Nori is soaked in the sun and dried as a sheet. When it is used, a sheet of Nori is toasted for few minutes to get more aromatic before we eat. You must have seen Maki-zushi (rolls) that is wrapped with Nori.
In some Asian countries, seaweed is eaten, but I've never heard that western people or Arab don't eat seaweed. Is it true ?
I want to know who eat seaweed except Japanese or Asian.


Anonymous said...

Seaweed is eaten in other countries too, like here in Finland where I live. But we only eat it when we eat sushi or other Asian food. Though I have heard that some people like to give it to their fishes in their aquariums.


Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment. We eat a lot of seaweeds. They are so healthy and low calories. I love eating a kind of seaweed, Wakame, in sweetened vinegar, Sunomono 酢の物.

I reccomend to eat sunomono in Japanese restaurant someday.