Saturday, September 22, 2007


I went to Ginza in Tokyo with my friends. It was very hot day of summer ending . However, many people walked around and enjoyed shopping. I am a one of them.
Ginza is a traditional Japanese commercial town and is known as sophisticated place in Tokyo. This area is downtown in Tokyo. We can go shopping , eat something or see movies and "Kabuki".
There are some bland shops , Chanel, Tiffany, Loewe or Apple store, etc. And there are some shop of long standing (Shinise) . New and traditional Japanese culture is mixed.
We thought Ginza was a town that especially adults can enjoy. However, it is changing . Now new buildings and department stores will be opened or redecorated for young people.
Now Ginza might be trendy place.


Unknown said...

I went to Ginza 2 years ago and I think its already been a trendy place :) i love ito-ya (if im not mistaken this is what the shop called). They have many super cute stationeries and i love being in sony building too! Great experience. Love ur blog!

Sweet Memory said...

You are right. Ito-ya is fantastic place for me, too. A lot of starionaries are sold. New shops are opened in Ginza now. Ginza is one of trendy place for Japanese and foreign tourists.