Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn Equinox Day - "Atsusa Samusa mo Higan made"

Today is a traditional holiday for Japanese. Twice a year, spring and autumn, we have a custom to remember own ancestors. During each 3 days before and after the Vernal Equinox Day and Autumn Equinox Day , we called "Higan".
Almost people go to our ancestor's grave and remember them. And we appreciate our present peaceful life.
We eat special sweet "Ohagi" This is a traditional sweet and we eat it in only this period. It is like rice cake that is covered with small beans paste, "Anko". There are other flavor, sesame or soybean flour "Kinako".
"Atsusa Samusa mo Higan made" We say as proverb. This means the season is changed from Higan , it gets cooler after Higan season in September and autumn comes. Heat in summer and coldness in winter finish by Higan season. This proverb is always true until now. Today gets cooler than yesterday.

The most favorite season for me or almost of Japanese, autumn is coming soon.

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