Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます!

It was late to say a happy new year for everyone.


Japanese people, especially office worker usually don't work until 3rd January. So tomorrow is first day to work. I will work from tomorrow.

I am so excited in 2014. Olympic winter game and soccer World cup in Brazil. I cheer every great performance of athletes.

I hope you enjoy and have a lot of happy things in this year. Please keep good health !       


Anonymous said...

Happy new year from USA!

Aditya Kumar Chaudhary said...

Akemashite omedeteou gozaimasu. :) kotoshi mo Nihon no nitsu ite taisetsu na to omoshiroi koto wo kaite kudasai. :)

Unknown said...

So, I was wondering if you could teach me Japanese. I already know some, but very little and I want to know more about your culture. Im getting a foreign exchange student next year hopefully from Japan. Im currently teaching myself but I'd actually like to learn from someone who knows and who can explain things? If you have free time or something because im really interested.

Unknown said...

I was wondering if you could help me learn japanese. I know some but not much. Im currently teaching myself but actually learning it with somone who speaks it i think would be better. Im most likely going to be getting a foreign exchange student next from year from japan. hopefully. So, if you have time if not thats okay. But, if you do. Can you? It woukd mean so much.

Anonymous said...

You said that if we had questions about Japan we could ask them so here is mine:
A few years ago, I went to Japan, to Tanuma, in Tochigi to get an ocarina from there. While I was there, a potter's assistant, Tomoko-san showed me around a gifted me with an ocarina and a song. That song was Oborozukiyo. I've learnt it and I play it sometimes but I lost the music sheet. I've been looking for it and found your article so I was wondering if you had the music sheet for it. Thank you :)

Ricky said...

Hi! Mariana san.

I'm so sorry to be late for my return. Gomen nasai.
I'm glad you are interested with Japan. And it is best to stay in Japan for a while to learn Japanese.

And about your request, to be your teacher of Japanese, I can't help your request at this point. Because I work on weekdays. I think probably you are university or high school student and you have time on weekdays.

However, if your schedule is fixed and (when, where in Japan and how long do you stay in Japan), contact me, please. I will give some informations for Japan to you.

Ricky said...

This is score of oborozukiyo.
Is it right ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the link, Ricky. The copy I used to have didn't have the lyrics, so this is even nicer.
Arigatou gozaimashita!

Anime Lovers said...

I want to travel in Japan!! I like Japanese culture and anime.