Saturday, December 8, 2012

任侠ヘルパー(Ninkyo Helper) - Beautiful World

I saw a Japanese movie 任侠ヘルパー (ninkyo helper). A member of  Smap, very famous J-pop group, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi appears in this movie. It was made a TV drama into a movie. He is very famous and speaks Korean fluently.

His role is a gang (yakuza) who belong to a violence group and he is ordered to manage a geriatric health services facility. However, the situation in it is worse. Only one home help cares all of old people. We call home help "Helper" The rooms are dirty and old people just sleep in narrow space.  He try to better the situation.

The issue of nursing is one of problem in Japan. Especially it is severe for poor people. It is difficult to placing facility and cost is expensive. The number of facilities isn't enough. Old people who live alone is increasing now.Nursing in home is so stressful. 
The story in this movie is exaggerated as an entertainment, but I thought about our future in Japan.

I liked a song of ending in it. It is "Beautiful World" of Love Psychedelico, J-pop band. It is one of my favorite bands. 

Beautiful World by Love Psychedelico.    

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Anonymous said...

i watched this movie during my 2.5 hours flight. so sad, i'm not able to finish this good stuff...