Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Relax in Autumn

Now it gets cooler and air is so clear and fresh. Kinmokusei (Osmanthus fragrans) is good smell and we fell autumn.
I went to Obuse in Nagano prefecture this weekend. Nagano is a place that Olympic winter game was held in 1998. Obuse is very small town in countryside. Special products of this town are grape, apple and chestnuts. They are autumn foods. I like autumn season because we can eat abundant and delicious foods.

Beautiful Apples in Obuse

The motif of this shop curtain (Noren) of Japanese sweets is three chestnuts.

I visited a museum of Hokusai , Hokusai kan and Gansho-in (I'm sorry for no English site). Hokusai is very famous Japanese artist as you know. He had visited and stayed for several years after he was 80 years old in Obuse. He drew celling painting in Gansho-in when he was 89 years old. The selling painting (Happo Nirami Houou zu) is vivid color and I couldn't feel that it was old work. I was touched.

Autumn is good season for travel. I can so relax. Eat delicious foods and feel good arts or nature... It is very excitied and delightful thing.

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