Saturday, October 25, 2008

Itareri Tsukuseri

I think that Japanese hospitality at shops, hotels or restaurants is best.

We sometimes use the Japanese word "Itareri Tsukuseri" for good services and hospitality (Motenashi in Japanese). Itareri Tsukuseri means that customers are given a personal service. We often say "The services of that shop is Itareri Tsukuseri." This means the services are excellent.
When you go to a restaurant, you can drink a glass of water and oshibori (rolled hand towel) before meal. These services are free. When you eat Japanese style restaurant, you might be a cup of green tea or Houji-cha (roasted tea) after the meal. To be sure, it is free. This is just "Itareri Tsukuseri"

I remember a cashier during my trip in Europe. When I bought some foods at a supermarket, the cashier worked so slowly chatting with another cashier. A lot of customers waited without complaining. Moreover, she blew her nose in front of us. I was so surprised. This scene was unbelievable in Japan. Almost Japanese cashiers always work quickly to not wait for a long time. And they never blow their nose in front of customers. We think the attitude is impolite.

I think sincerity for visitors or customers are very important at the time in Japan. So the hospitality is comfortable. We are proud of "Itareri Tsukuseri" spirit.

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