Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inarizushi (Stuffed Sushi)

Now is best season for picnic. We often have lunch box and go for a picnic to see colored leaves. I like Inari-zushi for lunch box. Inari-zushi is a kind of Sushi and it is easy to eat. Sushi rice (Sushi meshi) is wrapped with Abura-age (Fried Tofu). It is simple food, however, so delicious. I sometimes want to eat it.

We can buy it at supermarket or convenience store. Onigiri and Sandwich is very common for lunch box. Onigiri is my most favorite lunch box (I think that Onigiri is soul food for Japanese.) Inari-zushi is second choice, when I go for a picnic.

When I eat lunch box outdoor with warm sunshine and fresh air. I feel happy and more delicious than indoor.
What do you bring when you go for a picnic ? Today is best day for a picnic.

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Unknown said...


I even bought a wasabi tube to be eaten with onigiri. :)