Monday, August 25, 2008

Showa, and Heisei

There is a special name of era in Japan. Now is in Heisei 平成 period, 20 years. The name is changed and decided in the year after our emperor would die. In short 20 years passed after former emperor was died. We write and use this Japanese era, when we submit the documents.
Showa 昭和 is the name before Heisei.
Recently we remember the lifestyle nostalgically in Showa period. We often say "Showa was good old period". Though we underwent the terrible war at Showa period, everyone work hard to survive after the war. Japan grew economically after Tokyo Olympic in 1964. And we try to do best to be rich. We think the recovery was succeeded after the war.
Now we can buy anything that we want. Fortunately I have been able to live without worrying about eating until now. However, I sometimes feel that Japanese people don't have an aim to live or survive after our economic recovery. So we will look back Showa period. I don't like to look back the past personally. However, we might have been happier at Showa period than Heisei.

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Naked said...

I agree with you, I prefer the Showa period that today. It feels like there is nothing to strive for in Heisei, everything is laid back.

It's as if all the vigor has been gone, and I wonder where true Japanese men and women have gone. Where is the spirit now? I miss it. :(