Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cicada - Semi

What sounds do you feel hot summer in your country? I definitely feel summer and heat by the sound of cicadas in trees. Loud sound of cicadas is vibrating in town during summer.
Some kinds of cicadas live in Japan. The sound of Min-min Zemi, Kumazemi (I don’t know the English names.) and large brown cicadas (Abura zemi) is so loud at noon. However, this is the summer in Japan. The sound of Tsuku-Tsuku Boshi is unique. We can hear the sound like this name, “tsuku tsuku boshi”.
Sometimes a cicada comes into the balcony in my house by mistake. I am so surprised at the big sound. Since I hate insects personally, I’m so scared.
However, I like
the sound of Higurashi . The sound of Higurashi is high and quite. Higurashi sings at evening in the end of summer.
A cicada is often used in Haiku, Japanese poetry. “Semi” is a season word in summer.

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