Monday, July 7, 2008


Today, July 7, is Tanabata festival. We can wish our dream t0day. When we were a child, we hang a card (Tanzaku) that we wrote our wishes on bamboo tree. We were taught that our wish can come true.
And there is a romantic legend in Tanabata day. (Please see "the story" in Tanabata.) Hikoboshi and Otohime are lovers for a long time ago. They were torn apart by milky way, "Amano gawa" in the sky and always couldn't meet. However, they can meet in July 7. It is very special day.
We hope that they can meet in July 7 every year, however, it is usually rainy season. So the possibility is very few every year.
It is cloudy and rainy today. We often talk about Hikoboshi and Otohime. It is very sad that they wouldn't meet in the sky this year.

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