Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ryoma Sakamoto

Who is popular and great historian whom a lot of Japanese admire and respect ?
I think that Ryoma Sakamoto is very popular. At the end of the Edo period, Bakumatsu, he made every effort to change our future and become international and modern country. He is one of the heroes for Japanese people. The history in this period is very interesting.
The people in Bakumatsu might think of the future of Japan most seriously. Japan was very slow and peaceful in Edo period. However, we shut out world outside of Japan and we hadn’t known other modern world.
Ryoma Sakamoto was one of Samurai of Tosa domain and very progressive. And he contributed to make a decision of opening trade with other countries.
After American ambassadors came to establish relations, we had to choose. Which way was better for us, conventional and slow life or modern life? As a result, we were forced to change our life and future.
G8 Toyako summit was over yesterday in Hokkaido, a land of north Japan. Now Japan becomes an economic power and is a member of world leaders through the history of Bakumatsu. Is present Japanese situation ideal future for the samurais including Ryoma Sakamoto or politicians from Bakumatsu to Meiji period ? I don’t know.

However, I hope that our culture and technology help world people and everyone can live safely and enjoy our present life.

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Unknown said...

Yeah i agree with you. I think sakamoto ryoma is very famous. When i was in japan i saw many posters of him. I think that time JIN drama has already been aired. I like JIN. The story is very good and i love edo jidai scene :)