Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pocket Tissue Paper and Wet Tissue

There is a special service on the street in Japan. We can get pocket tissue (paper) on the street. For free. (We call it “pocket tissue” because it is so small that can be put in our pockets.)
You can see some persons who give someone a pocket tissue paper here and there in town. It is one of tools of advertisement for the shops. For example, advertisement for hair salon or gym for exercise, etc. (These advertisements are sometimes for a little shady shops, for example, consumer credit business etc.) A piece of paper for advertisement is inserted in the case of tissue paper. Almost people don’t always see and use these shops. However, everyone is so glad. I’m so glad for me in Kafun sho (Hey fever) season.
I think Japanese people frequently use some tissue papers outside and in our house. Carrying a pocket tissue and a handkerchief is etiquette for Japanese people. We use it when we blow our nose. Almost Japanese use a handkerchief when they clean their hands. I personally think Japanese prefer to cleanliness.
We have another type of tissue. It is wet tissue. We sometimes use wet tissue. It is so convenient to clean something. When we buy a lunch box or food for takeout in shops, wet tissue is sometimes putted in the vinyl bag. It is for cleaning our hands before eating it. I think it is special service in Japan. Pocket wet tissue is sold in Japan. It is especially useful to go for a trip abroad.
When you come to Japan and someone gives you a pocket tissue in town, never pay the money for it.

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