Monday, March 3, 2008

Hinamatsuri - Doll Festival for girls

Today is dool festival for girls, "Hinamatsuri" in Japan. Parents display Japanese traditional dolls, Hina Ningyo (doll) at home for their daughter until March 3. This festival's meaning is the parent's wish to grow up healthyly. Main dolls are the Emperor (Odairi-sama ) and empress (Ohina-sama). Other members are 3 female servants , (San nin kanjo), 5 musicians (Go nin bayashi) and two old servants (Udaijin and Sadaijin). There are some traditional days like Hinamatsuri. Setsubun (February 3) , Tango no sekku (May 5) for boys and Shichi go san (November 15).
Mother cooks "Chirashi zushi" on March 3. It is food for celebration. We often cook it at other celebrations.
Also Hinamatsuri is called "Momo no sekku ". Momo is peach tree in Japanese. Momo bloomes in spring. Momo is very feminine flower. The flower is very tiny and cute. Color is pink. Momo is very important item for display. As other items, "Hishi mochi" is for offering. Hishi mochi is lozenge rice cake.
My mother used to say "After you sleep, the dolls have festival during the night. If you try to see it. we couldn't see it." when I was a child. This was my mother's joke. However, I have believed it and I have wanted to see the festival, if possible. Always I can't wake up midnight and see it.
It is just my memory of Hinamatsuri.
We, Japanese feel each season through these traditional ceremonies or events.

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