Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hay Fever Is Coming

A lot of Japanese people are annoyed with hay fever, "Kafun-sho" , in spring.
Kafun-sho rages all over Japan while the pollen is scattering. The primary source of pollen is the Japanese ceder. Kafun (pollen) reports like the weather are forecasted for Kafun season on the news.
I have allergies, too. Symptoms depend on each person. Non-stop runny nose, continuous sneezes, headache, itchy eyes and congestion,etc. The patients cannot help taking medicine. However, the allergy medicine is very strong, so we become sleepy or feel tired. Other tools for protecting ourselves from the pollen are medical masks and glasses. There are the glasses like goggles for skies. Since Japanese like to refine products, there are many types of masks, not just the flat type. They are necessary when we go out.
Other countries people might feel strange about the people that put on masks and glasses as if a robber.
Kafun season is a serious and social problem and fear for patients of allergy every spring.
If you see these people in Japan, please don't mind them. It is very common situation in our country.

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