Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nabe Ryori

What do you eat in cold winter ? We, Japanese want to eat Nabe Ryori (cooking) in winter. Nabe means ware (earthen) pot in Japanese.
Nabe Ryori has a lot kinds. The simplest Nabe is Mizu-taki. We put many ingredients into hot Dashi water. After they are boiled, we dip them in Ponzu. Ponzu is sour soy sauce. If you have eaten "Shabu Shabu", I'd like to recall it. You can put anything , vegetables, fishes, meat or Tofu. We take them out of big one pot one by one. Mizu-taki is OK to only prepare these ingredients and sauce. Very simple.
Some people, friends or family gather around one table and one pot. And we can eat and enjoy it at same time. Also the sound of boiling is comfortable and I can feel happy. It is excellent for party in cold winter. We often say " Today's dinner is Nabe Ryori . " or "Let's have Nabe party ! "
After we almost finish to eat the boiled ingredients, last pleasure is waiting. We call it "Shime". We put boiled rice or Japanese noodle "Udon" and soy souce or Miso as flavor in hot Dashi water. It is so delicious. We can enjoy different plate twice.
Nabe Ryori makes our cold body warm and we feel satisfied. It is symbol for good relationship for family or friends. And we feel our happiness during eating it .


Walter said...


thank you for your post about Nabe Ryori.

I also enjoy Japanese cooking and I have also cooked Nabe ( which you can find in my post here :
http://brandnewbearings.blogspot.com/2008/11/hotpot-dinner-nabe.html )

I am currently reading through your other posts on food ,( you have so many ! ;). They make me want to go to the kitchen and try them all out.

Your blog is very interesting to me, since one day I would like to visit Japan and I can learn so much from it.
Please keep posting them.

Walter said...

I really love eating Nabe Ryori too.
I read about it on another blog from Tokyo Kawaii and then I made it myself, once with noodles and tofu and also with mochi in the second course.
I made a post of in on my blog
you can find it on

Thank you very much for so many interesting posts about food : I'll try to read all of them.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your message. I couldn't have replied your messages for a long time.
I'm happy you are interested in Japanese foods or culture. I hope you continue reading my posts ever. ( I have been to Belgian. And your hometown, Antwerp, too. I enjoyed belgian chocolates or sweets.)