Thursday, January 3, 2008


What do you eat in your country for New Year ?
The period from January 1 to 3 is New Year holiday for ordinary people. We eat special New Year food in January 1. At first we drink Otoso. We call Otoso Japanese Sake (alcohol) for New Year.
After that we, Japanese eat Osechi during holiday. There are a lot of kinds of food in Osechi. Kurikinton, Kobumaki, Kamaboko, Tazukuri or etc.. Each food has a meaning to live long and peacefully in a year.
Finally we eat Zoni. Zoni is rice cake soup. This is special food in New Year. The style of Zoni is different each area in Japan. Soy sauce, salt or Miso soup.
This is traditional Japanese New Year food.
A lot of People who live in Tokyo have their hometown of other prefecture. So they go back to their hometown and spend with their grandfather or grandmother eating Osechi and visit friends or relatives for holiday.

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