Monday, December 31, 2007

Music Festival “ Koh Haku Uta Gassen on Omisoka - December 31

We call December 31 “Omisoka” in Japanese. There is a big TV program in NHK that almost 40 % Japanese people see in “Omisoka” every year. (Please see the subject about NHK on October 29.) This is “Koh Haku Uta Gassen”.
Female and male singers are separated to two group, red (female) and white (male). Koh and Haku means red (Aka) and white (Shiro). They sing turn and turn about at the concert hall. After that all performances end, the audience at the hall and several judges decide which performance is better.
This event is popular and all generation can enjoy it .We can see a lot of singers in same time. Our interested topic every year is who can perform this year. These singers are very popular in the year or very veteran singers who has aged fan. Koh Haku is for Japanese families, children, young and aged people.
Entertainment was few before several decades in Japan. So almost of people have watched this TV program in Omisoka .However, now situation is changed. The rating is lower and other TV program is more popular.
Japanese who live abroad is waiting for this program. Because they feel nostalgic for Japan. “Koh Haku Uta Gassen” is just Japanese type of program.


Unknown said...

Do the judges and audiences really vote for the winner based on their performance? Sometime i think they just simply put on a vote..thats what i think anyway :)

Sweet Memory said...

I think judges vote for the winner based on their performance. However, audiences vote their favor or their favorite singers...