Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nuka-Zuke - Japanese special pickles

Rice is basically no taste. So we sometimes need some foods with rice. There are a lot of these kinds of food. Nuka-Zuke or Asa-Zuke is a kind of additional food. We generically call it “Tsukemono”.
The ingredients of Nuka-Zuke are vegetables. It is salty and vegetables are put in Nuka, including salt and water, of the special pot about for a day. Nuka is hull after threshing rice. Vegetables are fermented and taste is salty and sour. Old houses have a pot for Nuka and taste is original at each houses. This means each mothers taste. The main vegetables are cucumber, eggplant, carrot or radish, etc.
People stir Nuka and the vegetable once a day. This action is very important. It changes taste by one work. The pot was formerly inherited for generations long time ago.
However, recent houses in Japan don’t have the pot and almost people will buy Nuka-Zuke at supermarket.

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