Friday, November 2, 2007


Who is the most famous Japanese in Japan ? Prime Minister ? I don't think so.
Almost Japanese, young , old and children will knows "Kimu-Taku" of his nickname.
His name is Takuya Kimura. Kimu-taku is an abbreviation of "Kimura(S) Takuya(F) "(Surname is first and first name is second in Japan.) He is a member of very popular super idol group "SMAP". Probably everyone will know the name of "SMAP"of five members, too. Their songs became No.1 definitely and each members are singers and actors. Kimu-Taku is known in other Asian countries, Taiwan or Korea.
His TV drama series always make No.1 record of rating. His movie "HERO" is on now and becomes No.1 in Japan now. This film was one of his TV series and it is movies version.
He fascinates a lot of women's fans.

The review in New York Times below is a his film last year in Japan. This was a blockbuster last year. The director of the film is Yoji Yamada who is very famous and produced a series of popular "Tra-san " movie.

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