Saturday, October 13, 2007

Japanese Mushroom in autumn

I love mushrooms. Also Japanese people eat a lot of kinds of mushrooms all the year.
"Shiitake", "Enokidake", "Simeji", "Nameko", "Maitake", "Matshtake", etc. These mushrooms are essential ingredient in autumn.
Especially "Matutake" is most expensive in these mushrooms.
"Matsutake" will be used as a synonym for one of the food that only rich people can eat. Flavor is so rich and excellent for us.
Famous "Matsutake" dish is "Dobin-mushi". It is a kind of soup of "Matsutake", vegetables or fish. We can eat it at traditional high-grade Japanese restaurant. I think that Japanese enjoy dishes by all five senses, taste, flavor or visual beauty.

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